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Nature of Business

The principal activity of the company is
the sale of fish, sea food, poultry, pastry,
frozen vegetables and fruits
in addition to other products.


D. Roberts
G. Thomas
P.J. Thomas
S. Kumar

Registered Office

Plot 6980 Katanga Road
Light Industrial Area

Postal Address

P.O. Box 34650,


Investrust Bank Plc
Stanbic Bank Zambia Limited
Cavmont Capital Bank Zambia Limited
Finance Bank Zambia Limited
Barclays Bank Zambia Limited

Company Lawyers

Lloyd Jones and Collins Zambia



Mission and Goals

At Capital Fisheries, we are dedicated to ensuring a positive impact on our society while striving towards our goals. Capital Fisheries requires all of its depots to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. The resources and processes that have been put in place are focused on achieving industry best practice standards at all of the locations.

Guided by our core values, we will constantly strive to implement the critical plans to achieve our vision of being the leading cold chain distributor within the Southern region of Africa.

Our goals include:

1. Providing high quality products and a new range of products that are not available to our customers at affordable prices.
2. To cultivate sound relationships with other organizations that will help us in the pursuit of distribution of our products.
3. To have a strong positive impact on local fish farms and techniques used so there is a environmentally sustainable system throughout the country.
4. Expand to other regions of Southern Africa and enhance the integrated economic activity of the region.

Corporate Identity and Future

When the company was first formed it mainly served the capital city, Lusaka which was why in the logo it portrayed the capital city and the sales were on a small scale within the city.


The company now has 41 depots dotted all over Zambia. Capital Fisheries now also supplies the leading supermarket chains. With this growth, the company’s logo has also been changed which goes on to reflect that it is no longer just catering to the capital city but servicing the whole country. The company is also planning to venture into the Southern region of Africa which goes to show how far the company has come


Given the rapid expansion of the company in terms of depots and as well as products, Capital Fisheries is on track to achieving its vision of becoming a leading cold chain distributor within Southern Africa.

Company History

Capital Fisheries was incorporated in May 1999 and commenced operations with very limited financing. It started with only one product line a local Zambina fish called Buka Buka and had a storage capacity of 100 metric tonnes after obtaining a $100,000 grant for the purchase of the refrigeration equipment for the storage. The main customers at the time were restaurants and a few retail customers.

Where we are now

The Company in 2014 has gone on to become one of the biggest companies in Zambia with tremendous growth and still potential for even further expansion of its operations. The company offers over 240 products and has a storage capacity of over 2,500 metric tonnes the largest in Zambia and deals in monthly sales of an average of 1,500 metric tonnes which speaks for itself as to how much the company has grown. There are currently 33 depots within Zambia:

Kasumbalesa, Solwezi, Lusaka, Soweto, Chipata, Kitwe, Ndola, Kasama, Mufulira, Choma, Nakonde, Mpulungu, Livingstone, Lusaka; Matero, Chingola, Kabwe, Luanshya, Lusaka; Garden, Lusaka; Kalingalinga, Lusaka; Northrise, Kapiri, Mansa, Lusaka; Libala, Mpika, Lusaka; Kamwala, Kabwe, Chipata, Lundazi, Chongwe, Chinsali, Mbala, Nchelennge, Mwinilunga, Lusaka West

In addition to the depots the company also sells to the leading supermarket chains like Shoprite, Pick n Pay and Spar. With the supply of the supermarkets and the rapid depot expansion the company was able to satisfy local demand and in 2014 began exporting its products to other parts of Southern Africa.

The company has also built a fish processing plant in Mpulungu in 2010 which helped Capital Fisheries have a competitive edge to uphold high quality standards at affordable prices. This plant helped create 100 jobs within the area which goes to show the effect that the company has had within the local community. There are currently over 300 employees in the company.

In addition to Capital Fisheries the company has also set up sister companies in the form of Capital Trucking, Poseidon Properties, Capital Commodities, Capital Fruits and Capital Building Surveyors. The emergence of these companies will help Capital Fisheries with economies of scale and build a further competitive edge, offer a wider range of products and enhanced quality to our customers.

What we offer

From just dealing in Buka Buka when the company started up the company proudly boasts over 240 different type of products such as:
- Tilapia
- Buka Buka
- Horse Mackerel
- Other fresh and frozen fish
- Assorted seafood
- Pastry products
- Poultry products
- Juices
- Ice creams
- Chips
- Ice Cubes and Ice blocks

The company in the future looks to expand its product line and offer more to the public.

Corporate Social Responsibility

"In our line of business the environment is key for our survival which is why we promote the conservation of our water and our fishing habitats"

Capital Fisheries strives to be a company that the community wants to exist. Through our diverse array of products at affordable prices all over the country we have created jobs and continue to have a positive impact on the society.

Ever since inception we have been giving back to the community in the form of:
- Donations to schools
- Donations to churches
- Sponsoring charity events
- Sponsoring youth and sports events
- Promoting gender development by increased hiring of women
- Developing fish farms with local fish farmers in the country to help sustainability

We still aspire to the highest ethical and legal standards today from inception, and we'll only work with vendors and suppliers who share our commitment.

"We aim to create a real impact for better days ahead"

"We aim to address the lack of proper nutrition which is leading to food insecurity and hunger amongst our children"

We know we can do more good through partnerships than we ever could on our own, which is why we turn to our stakeholders, and listen to their ideas, concerns and perspectives. We have ongoing relationships with community leaders, government agencies and non-governmental organizations that help us understand the most pressing issues facing our communities.At Capital Fisheries we aim for our company to be a great place to work for our employees. "The Capital Fisheries Values" are based upon a number of important principles and capture qualities that each employee is encouraged to embody as an essential part of our success:
- Expertise
- Assure quality and drive innovation
- Listen to learn from each other – champion continuous improvement
- Be accountable – keep commitments
- Customer Focus
- Share our vision; share our passion
- Strive for our customers’ profitability and satisfaction
- Respect
- Think and act as a team

"We are excited about the progress that we have made over the past few years as we have sharpened our focus on sustainability. While we are pleased with our accomplishments, we recognize this is the beginning of a journey. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with our stakeholders and implementing new initiatives to further our progress to drive social responsibility."

Our Management Team

"We are excited about the progress that we have made over the past few years as we have sharpened our focus on sustainability. While we are pleased with our accomplishments, we recognize this is the beginning of a journey. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with our stakeholders and implementing new initiatives to further our progress to drive social responsibility."

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